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A bit more surf out west..

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

After a stagnant Jan and Feb, the Atlantic is now alive with a succession of swells headed our way. In a whirlwind of weather systems, we had glorious conditions on Tuesday with warm sunshine and fun waves - even the dolphins paid a visit. Later in the week in amongst the snow showers and freezing temperatures we saw the bouys bob a little higher. A large swell swept in overnight on Thursday and fronted by a brisk northerly wind, the beach was a solid size at dawn. Most took shelter but whilst a couple of F-35 jets frolicked above, a few hardy souls enjoyed some backlit barrels till the swell dropped at low tide. Sheltering from the wind the sun felt warm but the snow capped hills in the distance were a reminder its still very much winter (I know its meteorological spring but astronomical spring isn't till March 20th!). It's been another good week with hopefully more to come.

Photos are in a weird order (and there's no simple way of reorganising that I know of) - Friday first then Tuesday and some drone shots from Friday afternoon.

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