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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

So, I've started this blog as a bit of a photography log/journal than creative writing exercise. My vocabulary is limited and grammar pretty hit and miss.. so bare with me or maybe skip to the images..

Like many other photographers I've been growing more and more frustrated with instagram (where most of my photos usually end up) I've tried a few other alternatives but nothing really stands out or simply works as well as instagram did before their attention turned to video/reels, I'm now find myself mindlessly watching 'ships in rough seas' or 'who will win? fights between kangaroos and alligators'. So this is where I've ended up - Think of it this like an extended instagram story post without the limitation of 6 seconds and 16x9 portrait orientation..

Porth Ysgo

We took a little trip over Porth Ysgo, a beautiful, quiet little beach between Porth Neigwl and Aberdaron. The rock pools and intricate patterns in the sand are beautiful works of art but the tide was still too high when I got down there. I played about with some long exposures but these didn't really lead to much. Once the tide receded a little I grabbed a few shots of the periwinkles on move, which I thought were pretty cool. After this I wandered up and down the beach several times (its pretty small at high tide) and had a quick sift through the copious amounts of plastic jetsam that washed ashore before moving on.

Heading east you pass the tiny beach Porth Llawenan and start the climb up the coastal path towards Penarfynydd. Past the grazing ponies we did a loop around the headland which has some incredible views all the way round from Porth Neigwl to Ynys Gwylan and Ynys Enlli. One for a sunset in the future I think..

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