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Porth Meudwy - Uwchmynydd

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

It's been pretty miserable since the beginning of the year. With the forecast looking good I headed over to Aberdaron for sunrise. As I reached the boathouse at Porth Meudwy the horizon was already glowing with purple and orange hues. It is quite a cluttered area and it's hard to pick a composition especially in the pre dawn darkness. In an ideal world I would visit in the daylight to try out possible compositions but with it being a working port everything is constantly on the move. Nevertheless, I fire through a few positions and head up the steps on the coastal path. The sun rises pretty quickly and the sky suddenly full of light.

The path from here on is a bit long winded and pretty muddy, great views of Aberdaron bay though, with Porth Neigwl in the distance. As you approach the end of the headland the path opens up to reveal the most incredible views of the rugged coastline with Carreg Ddu and Ynys Enlli beyond. A great sunrise and sunset spot at this time of year (January).

There were many ups and down along this coastline with each brow revealing a fresh perspective of this awesome landscape. As I got closer to Uwchmynydd I noticed the sea becoming more turbulent. The stretch is a formidable force. Revered by sailors and as the spring tide filled it was mesmerising to watch swirling, boiling waters beneath as it entered the sound.

Before closing the loop and heading back along the roads, there's one last (and steepest..) climb up to the old Coastguard lookout, formally used as a radar post during the first and second world war, its an incredible spot to view Ynys Enlli at anytime but especially during stormy weather.

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